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Traijak Poolkasikorn - Artist



Art is the creation of man, a response to how one feels about something one sees or about some inner thoughts. It belongs to the person creating it, the artist, and as such art is what the artist calls art. The life one lives and the experiences of the past strongly influences what is created.


I started my more serious exploration in art in mid 2014 with a drawing which I called “ Balance in the End”. My earlier work always had a meaning or an inspirational thought. Over the last 18 months, I have been driven to create over 300 works followed in this creative rush. I have been able to free up my style and have had great fun is working in a more open and abstract manner.


I have had no formal art training but I have been fortunate in knowing and being influenced by Dr John Yu AC who has wide experience and knowledge in the arts especially in the visual arts. He has been a good mentor, always encouraging me and often suggests ways of expressing myself differently.


Art is a vital part of my life now and it has made me feel more fulfilled and happy. I do not look for financial rewards; any remuneration would be a bonus but certainly not a reason for me to pursue a particular direction. But I do want to build up a portfolio of work that others like that is important to me. Time passes quickly and I see how life can be short. I realise how important my Mum and Dad have been in my life and how I value my Buddhist upbringing. It is a vital part of how I see the world around me.


Thank you for visiting my Website and thank you for reading my statement.